Dab Features and Benefits

What Makes Dab Great? 

Besides from our stunning colour palette and our eco-friendly features, Dab paints has so many benefits and features that will enhance your painting process and finish.


Scratch Resistance

Dabs dried and cured finish has an increased flexibility quality thanks to the soya bean extract component in its formula. This means the paint finish is quite forgiving when it comes to knocks and scratches.

Ultra Adhesion

Dab uses the same gripping agent that many companies use as their eco primers, so believe us when we say this stuff sticks. Just be sure to pick the right colour the first time around, as taking it off is no easy task!

Colour Depth

Not only do we use pure earth pigments, enhancing natural vibrant colours, our stir in technology makes for a product with greater colour depth and intensity. Meaning you will find no settlement or separation of colourant, resulting in an even and streak free finish.

Exterior Use

As mentioned, Dab paints have excellent water resistance qualities, allowing the painted finish do its job against the elements. After all, the paint was forged from nature.

UV Protection

Our paint boasts UV light protection, meaning the colours stay vibrant for much longer when exposed to the outdoors. This also gives increased protection to items that are left near a windows.


Dab paints are water-based, but the components in our formula make the viscosity of the paint lovely and velvety which your wrists will thank you for after a long painting session!

Reduced Prep

There is an increased flexibility to the dried finish of our paint, meaning you are able to paint over almost any surface with a hugely reduced chance of flaking compared to other brands. Even better, it has further enhanced the ability to coat most surfaces without the need to prime.

Built-In Top Coat

As our paint features such qualities as increased water and scratch resistance, UV protection and a self levelling quality, once fully cured, Dab offers a fantastic finish that handles most furniture usage. Items like dining tables and desk tops may require additional protection.

Low VOC's

Due to the formula of our paint, we have one of the lowest VOC contents in the industry. We all see this mystery "VOC Content" blurb on so many brands, but what are VOCs, and why should we care? Is there really such thing as a completely VOC free paint? (Spoiler alert: No...there isn't) There aren't many companies that go into detail about their paint composition, but we know our stuff and think you may be interested in the more intricate details that make up our paint, so click through to learn more about the crazy world of VOC's.

Shelf Life

Even with plant based ingredients, our paint still achieves a shelf life for up to 5 years when stored in usual conditions, which is made easy due to our fantastic packaging.

Water Resistance

Due to the naturally occurring hydrophobic nature and molecular composition of the soya bean extracts used in our paints, finishes will benefit from increased water resistance.