Soya paint is like no other!

Our paint is water-based, but due to the soya bean oil content, it achieves superior durability which gives Dab paint a high scratch and scuff resistance.
The soya bean content also has naturally occurring hydrophobic qualities that results in our finish being highly water resistant enabling both internal and external use.

There is an increased flexibility to the dried finish which means you are able  to paint over almost any surface with a far less likely chance of flaking compared to other brands. Even better, it has enhanced the ability to apply the paint without the need to prime most surfaces. 

Our paint has fantastic coverage and may go further than you think.
One 500ml pot will often cover multiple items of furniture.

Coverage can differ depending on application method and base colour, for example painting a dark surface with a light paint may require an additional coat, but below is a rough example of what sort of coverage you can expect:

Kitchen Chair - 100ml

Front Door - 200ml

Sideboard - 300ml

Dining Table - 350ml

Single Wardrobe - 400ml

Garden Shed - 1000ml

We are so proud to have achieved one of the lowest VOC levels in the paint industry with just 36 grams per litre. This is far less (in many cases, half) than many brands claiming to be "VOC free".

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Our paint is contained within a tin that is infinitely recyclable and one of the most commercially recycled materials available. This is then housed in a cardboard sleeve which adds protection to the tin when in transport which in turn eliminates the need for any excess packaging when being shipped. The sleeve also allows us to print our branding using biodegradable inks.

We include a pack of seeds with every 500ml paint pot for you to plant into the cardboard sleeve and then eventually plant the whole sleeve into your flower bed. This lets the sleeve biodegrade naturally while simultaneously introducing a new plant to the world.

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As a result of using soya bean oil as an alternative to PVA resin or acrylic, we have been able to eliminate a huge number of ingredients, chemicals, biocides and preservatives from our formula.

Many of these ingredients can be found in all the common paint varieties, and can cause mild to severe skin irritations to many people, so it may be the case that our paint could give you a more enjoyable painting experience if you suffer with certain allergies.

Our chemist has advised us that our paint is free from IPBC (Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate), OIT (octylisothiazolinone), terbutryn, diuron, isoproturon, Isothiazolinone and derivatives MI, MCI, BIT, OIT, and DCOIT, plus many other chemicals. 

IMPORTANT: Please always carry out a small patch test before use especially if you have allergies to other paints.
More importantly if you have any allergies to soya, this paint contains soya beans as a main ingredient.

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What is the difference between a drying time and curing time?

The drying time relates to when the item is dry to the touch and can have another coat of paint applied.

The curing time relates to a fully dried finish, meaning all layers of paint have fully dried all the way through to the surface and have set. It is at this point that your finish will be at its most durable.

Drying time:

Dab Paints average drying time is 30 minutes.
This will change in different conditions. in a warm dry environment you will find a far quicker drying time, and likewise, on a cool humid environment, you may experience a longer drying time.
It is advised not to paint in direct sunlight on a hot day as this may cause the paint to dry too quickly which could affect your finish.

Curing Time:

We recommend a curing time of 14 days, but in many cases you'll achieve a fully cured finish in as few as 7 days.
It really is worth allowing your finish to fully cure before using your painted item day to day as our cured finish is incredibly durable and will protect against scratches and scuffing.

During the curing process, if you do happen to scratch the finish, you can simply touch up the affected area with no harm done to the finish.

Dab Paints will stick to almost any surface, but it is important that the surface is clean and free of dust and grease.

In most cases, our paint requires no or little surface preparation, but with items that get heavy use like a dining table or chair, it wouldn't hurt to spend a little more time on the prep.

Dab Paint has an incredibly durable cured finish thanks to our soya bean oil formula that acts as a topcoat when fully dried/cured, which is more than sufficient for most surfaces and wouldn't need any further protection. However, if you are painting an item that will get a lot of traffic, like a dining room table and chairs, it wouldn't hurt to apply an extra level of protection.

Please note: Your painted finish will be at it's most durable after it has fully cured (7-14days)

There are no animal products used in our paint formula, and none of our products or ingredients used are tested on animals.

It is a sad reality that there are paints out there that still use animal bone in some of their pigments and casein which is a protein from animal milk which is sometimes used as a binder within the paint. All our pigments are pure earth mineral pigments and the rest of our formula is plant-based.

Yes you can, and you should! Get creative and mix your own unique tones.

Please note, it is not advised to mix our paint with other brands paint.

Almost anything! We have tested it on wood, metal, glass, fences, garden sheds, garden furniture, front doors, masonry, plastic and ceramics.

It is important that your surface is not flaking and is clean from dust and grease. It is also worth considering that some raw woods may need knotting solution or a primer treatment first, to stop wood sap slowly seeping through the paint. Rusted metal also has a tendency to affect paint finishes, so should be prepared accordingly prior to painting.

Our soya beans are sourced from all over North America and pressed in large mixed batches so the exact provenance cannot be authenticated, however our suppliers make every effort to source the soya beans responsibly.