Our Colours


Not only have we worked extremely hard to ensure our paint and packaging is as eco-friendly as possible, without blowing our own trumpet too much, we are also brilliant when it comes to colour pairings and decor. 
OK, we did blow quite hard on that trumpet, but we are super proud of our paint and are very excited to share it with you.

Our starting palette consists of 20 beautiful colours. Each one inspired by the world around us. Good old Mother Nature has not only contributed to our paint formula, but has given us all the inspiration needed for colour.


Salt, Dab Paints


SALT - As pure as it comes, straight from the sea. Our whitest white to give a zing.
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Bone, Dab paint colour


BONE - A delicate off-white that will help give a slightly aged look to a piece, like a bone left in the desert sun.
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pampas dab colour


PAMPAS - An elegant and regal shade of white inspired by the foliage of pampas grass.
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coir dab colour


COIR - This nutty taupe shade has taken inspiration from the external fibres of a coconut, known as coir when used to make natural rustic home decor items.
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sorus dab colour


SORUS - Found commonly on the underneath of fern leaves, sorus is a cluster of spores that give inspiration to this woody earthy tone.
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clotted dab colour


CLOTTED - Every good paint palette has a cream, and it would be rude not to take inspiration from cream it's self, so here we have it, our clotted cream tone.
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Sahara dab colour


SAHARA - This golden yellow tone is taken from the vast dunes of the Sahara, bringing the warmth of the desert to your home.
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Verdigris dab colour


VERDIGRIS - A stunning patina that forms on copper as it is exposed to oxygen has inspired us to create this beautiful muted green tone.
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malachite dab colour


MALACHITE - Again, running off the copper theme, this deep green is found on a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral named malachite. A deep luxurious green earthy tone.
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obsidian dab colour


OBSIDIAN - From natures most explosive features, obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that gives us this charred tone. This deep glass effect can be achieved by using a wax finish over Obsidian.
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Albie Dab Colour


ALBIE - Mother nature can't take all the credit here. This blue has been inspired by the piercing colour of our baby son Albie's eyes.
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caspian dab colour


CASPIAN - As deep in colour as the depth of the Caspian Sea, this blue will make a statement out of any item.
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NIGHTFALL - This dark blue is saved from black by a touch of moonlight, giving us a hint of depth to this dark tone.
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ANEMONE - Our inspiration for this was taken from the wealth of colour under the sea. The flourishes of pink sea anemones are at the heart of this shade. 
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baccara dab colour


BACCARA - This romantic deep shade of red was pulled from the Baccara Rose and will luxuriously soften the tone of any room.
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Sterling dab paint


STERLING - A contemporary shade of grey taken from the sterling grade of silver. A neutral tone that will work alongside a large proportion of our palette.
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fossil dab colour


FOSSIL - This slightly earthy warm grey was picked from fossils we found on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. A tone that brings wonder.
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Slate, dab paint colour


SLATE - A dark contemporary shade of grey. Try applying textured brush strokes and finishing with a dark coloured wax to achieve a stoney slate texture.
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Ashes dab colour


ASHES - This carbon black tone slightly lightened by the flames that once licked it will give a moody vibe to any item.
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Kohl dab paint colour


KOHL - Our true black, as deep as the black in the traditional Middle Eastern cosmetic Kohl.
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Colour Cards

Find that perfect colour from our beautiful pallete of 20 colours, all inspired by Mother Nature.