Our Mission

Let's not over complicate this...

Our goal has alway been, to create a market leading furniture paint that is not just ultra eco-friendly, but also encourages our customers to act on saving the planet.

Quite a bold mission, but with you creative lot on our side, we can make our mark on the battle for a healthier planet. We aren't suggesting we can save the world, but we are following a path we believe every company should strive for. It is our mission, to provide a quality product that is achieved responsibly with our planet in mind, with the hope that our eco-passion is transferred through our brilliant paint to our customer.

dab paint scientist

Our formula is an organic plant-based paint which allows us to avoid many common manmade harmful compounds and chemicals.
We have been guided by the great mother nature and her soya beans. Even Jack & his beanstalk would have envied these magical beans. Not only have they provided us with an eco-friendly base for our paint, but they have brought properties to ‘the mix’ that are in our opinion, unrivalled in the furniture paint market.

A large part of the reason why Dab paint was born, was the fact that there are many paint brands out there using an unnecessary amount of plastic in their packaging. Plastic paint pots, plastic labels, plastic seals around a plastic lid, and even plastic wrapping tape and plastic void fill packaging for transporting the paint! It became our mission to contain our eco-friendly formulated paint in packaging that is easy to recycle. So here we are, with a cardboard outer sleeve using bio-degradable inks for our branding and a recycled tin inner vessel, which is the most commonly recycled commercial metal. The combination and structure of our packaging has been thought out in a way that also allows us to eliminate a huge percentage of excess packaging for transporting our product.

 Join Us

Paint the planet happy

Our mission doesn't end at the product, as we are committed to urging our customers to join us on our mission to paint the planet happy.
So to do this, we ensure that we are transparent with what is in our paint, and go into the finer details which other companies may hide. We feel that our customers are smart enough to know what to do with this information. For example, we have one of the lowest volatile organic compound (VOC) contents in the whole global paint industry, yet we will never tell you we are "VOC free", or "no VOCs added" as using these legislation loopholes doesn't help anybody, especially our environment.

 Plant Pot Packaging

Eco friendly paint and packaging

We have gone one step further, just to make the recycling process of our packaging a little more fun, in a bid to encourage a higher success rate of recycling. We have included a complimentary seed pack in every 500ml pot of paint. We are asking our customers to fill your cardboard sleeve with soil, plant your seeds within, allow to germinate and then plant the whole container in your flower bed. This not only allows for our sleeve to biodegrade naturally, but brings a new plant to our eco-system in a hope to restore the balance by replacing the plants used within our product.

So there we have it, our mission. Join us on it, to paint the planet happy!

Dab paint and paint brush