Plant Pot Packaging

dab paint plant pot packaging

In a bid to encourage a higher success rate of recycling. We have included a complimentary seed pack in every 500ml pot of paint. We are asking you lovely people to fill our cardboard sleeve part of our packaging with soil, plant your seeds within, allow to germinate and then plant the whole container in your flower bed.


This not only allows for our sleeve to biodegrade naturally and feed the earth, but will bring a new plant into our eco-system in a hope to restore the eco-balance by replacing the plants used within our product. 

dab paints farm

We have chosen an edible herb as our seed, as this is a plant that will just keep giving and may replace a product you'd usually buy at the supermarket, which again reduces your consumption of excess packaging.

Follow these simple instructions to add a bit of green to your fingers:


Remove Inner Tin

Our inner vessel that contains the paint is made from recycled tin. Tin can be recycled infinitely and is one of the most commercially recycled materials available, so please give it a rinse when finished and add it to your recycling bin, or better yet, re-purpose it as a paint brush holder. 

Add Drainage

To allow any excess water to drain away from the soil, you'll need to add 3-4 holes in the bottom of the cardboard sleeve. Please be extremely careful in doing so, there is no need to be grabbing your sharpest kitchen knife, just a nail or screw will suffice!

Add Soil

Scoop a chunk of soil out of your flower beds, potted plants or wherever else you have soil lying about. These seeds are quite hardy, so most soil will work just fine.

Sew The Seeds

Open up your seed pack that came with your paint pot and carefully tear off the individual seed sticks.
Push the pointed end into the soil up to the depth mark indicated on the stick.
This stick should be left in position the whole time your plant grows.


Give your seeds a drink of water. Don't drown them, just enough to keep the soil moist for the day. Ideally to get the seeds to germinate, every day give it another little drink, again, just to keep the soil moist.


Give your seeds position on a windowsill or somewhere that gets plenty of day light. The sun will help your seeds germinate and grow taller quicker.


Once your seeds have germinated, give them a bit of time before planting the whole container outside. As a rule of thumb, wait until your new plant has grown 3-4 true leaves.
The best time of year to plant outdoors is spring. You can plant outside any time of the year, as long as there is no frost of the ground is not frozen, but we would advise letting your plants grow a little longer indoors before planting them outside in the colder months.

Be Proud & Enjoy

Thank you so much for joining us on our mission. We hope your seeds all grow into healthy plants and would love to see them.
Snap a picture or two of its growing stages and share them with us, or share them publicly on our social media pages. Growing your own herbs from scratch really is something to be proud of and to boast about!