Soya Paint

Our Magic Beans

You can't begin to imagine how excited we are to introduce you to our fantastic soya paint. Our journey began by reading the ingredients of other paint brands, wondering what on earth most of the items in the list were. It wasn't long until we knew we could achieve a superior paint using just ingredients given to us by Mother Nature with the soya bean taking the spotlight.

What Are Soya Beans?

Native to East Asia, the soya bean is a species of legume. You have probably encountered it in many foods like soy milk, tofu, soy sauce and the younger beans known as edamame in some Asian cuisine.

Soya beans are a great source of protein which makes up for 38% of its composition but are also around 18% oil, and it is this oil that is used in many non-food related products.
In most cases the protein is used for animal feed and the oils extracted for eco-friendly alternatives to existing products, like biodiesel etc, and now an amazing furniture paint!

what benefit does soya
have to a paint formula? 

Due to the naturally occurring hydrophobic nature and molecular composition of the soya bean extracts used in our paints as a base, paint finishes will benefit from increased scuff and moisture resilience which makes our product great for both internal and external use. 

There is an increased flexibility to the dried finish which means you are able  to paint over almost any surface with a far less likely chance of flaking compared to other brands. Even better, it has enhanced the ability to apply the paint without the need to prime most surfaces. 

Amazingly, even though all our ingredients are natural, our paint still achieves a shelf life for up to 5 years when stored in usual conditions, which is made easy due to our fantastic packaging.

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How Does Soya Paint
Compare To Others? 

Our paint is among the first of its kind to use pure powdered earth pigments with one of the industries lowest VOC content. 
Learn more about VOC's...

Unlike most traditional furniture paints that use pigments suspended in fluids and mixed with additives to make dyes, we use pure earth pigments in their raw natural form which are not made from concentrates.

Our stir in technology makes for a product with greater colour depth and intensity, no settlement or separation of colourant, which means the coverage will be even and leave a streak free finish.

Our soya paint formula has brought to the market a product that covers the trifecta of the three most well known furniture paint types, chalk, mineral & milk.

  • The appearance of chalk paint
Giving a matte finish which can easily be distressed or given an aged patina to create an array of vintage looks, with outstanding adhesive properties.


  • The durability of mineral paint
Smooth application with reduced brush strokes giving a clean modern finish with an integral tough topcoat that requires no additional sealer or lacquer. 


  • The natural sustainability of milk paint
Made from all natural organic raw materials combined with natural powdered earth pigments.

Is Soya Paint

Oh Yes! Our paint is eco-friendly, vegan friendly, contains no fungicides and is organic all this is made possible by using natural soya bean extracts as our base, which makes dab paints revolutionary.

We are incredibly proud of our paint! To achieve an eco-friendly superior alternative to other brands really is something to shout about.

Due to the formula of our paint, we have one of the lowest VOC contents in the industry. We all see this mystery "VOC Content" blurb on so many brands, but what are VOCs, and why should we care? There aren't many companies that go into detail about their composition, but we know our stuff and think you may be interested in the more intricate details that make up our paint, so click through to learn more about the crazy world of VOC's.